Vauban’s Journey


Part I – Harmless

Part II – Mostly Harmless


Part III – Aimless

Part IV – Mostly Aimless (coming not so soon)


(I would like to thank every CMDRs who felt like getting involved along the way, you can distinguish their input from the ED orange text, so far my thanks are going to CMDR Alex Occasus, CMDR Matzov and CMDR Nosscar for their involvement.)

11 thoughts on “Vauban’s Journey

  1. Hello Taylor,

    This is a really good looking log, and interesting to read. Lovely job, well done!

    Best wishes,



    1. Hey KungFu, I’m taking a bit of a breather at the moment, taking care of PanGalactic.
      Current chapter will finish when we get to see Obsidian Orbital, the obvious next thing would be to go and rescue Hugh Caplin, but that will have to be after Horizon is released. So I might report on PanGalactic progress instead.


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