7 – Obsidian Orbital

31st October 3301 – 17:40

We left Neville Horizons with the sentiment of a job well done and full of good intentions.

Leaving Neville

Good intentions only. Brewer Corp, the main contractor involved in the new Starport construction, visibly impressed with our many thousand donated tons of metal, obtained from me the promise of sending a few mining ships in Kaushpoos to gather the unrefined Palladium needed for the next stage of construction. Little did I know word had already come to Snoquot about the unprecedented pirate activity in this system. So much so that every single PanGalactic employees refused to take the job, arguing that the reward wasn’t worth the risk.

I wasn’t one to be trusted with negotiations. Only Ivan Matzov could not see this, it seems. That being said, PanGalactic Mining Corp could not lose face, so I made my way down to our shipyard and asked for the largest mining ship available…


I know I signed my name on a mining company deed, but I really didn’t think I would have to do any of the drilling myself.

31st October 3301 – 20:25

friendly explorer had tipped me off on a good location to source the palladium. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about that one… and a pristine metallic reserve too. Shame it is about 160Ly too far from HQ, I could have gone back home a hero with this kind of find.

Thanks to the lone explorer’s tip off, here I am now in 38 Lyncis… a beautiful place with that…


t9 cockpit mining

Those days mining in a hauler, back in LHS 3564 and Froude Enterprise seem a long way away now. In the quietude of 38 Lyncis 4′ ring, I thought of my old friend in the Frog system. He really was the old school type, no collection or prospection limpet controller in those days. All this new technology is making it for a very pleasant and relaxed evening. I’m mining away without even thinking.

Easy as pie.
If everyday could be as peaceful as today, I’d be a happy man…

t9 leaving

29th November 3301 – 12:56

A month has gone by and I am now back in Wrangell City in Snoquot. Looking back, it is amazing to see how just tens of thousands of pilots and a handful of motivated corporations could assemble an Orbis Starport from scratch and send it all the way to the Maia System in the Pleiades, and all in a matter of weeks.

Yes, Obsidian Orbital, the newly baptized Starport is now complete and orbiting its parent in one of the most remote place populated by men. An outstanding achievement, to say the least. This will probably remain, and for many years to come, the single most ambitious and most meaningful partnership between PanGalactic Mining Corp and any other Power in the Milky Way.




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