3 – Rough Around the Edges

14th February 3301 – 17:08

I woke up in my cargo hold just an hour ago, with sore hands and what feels to be a chipped tooth. I have no recollection of what happened last night but it can’t have been anything good I’m afraid.
I think it is time for me to take off and head back to more friendly ground. I have set the Navigation System to Kempston Hardwick in the Frog System and will sell my exploration data there.
I am not too sure I should be getting in a cockpit at this point but I don’t want to find out what havoc I’ve created in Raliegh Point. I will not be coming back here anytime soon.

15th February 3301 – 10:26

I must have seriously upset someone back at Raliegh Point. I got interdicted in the Vistobici System by a much larger ship while refueling, my hull was already melting when I had to drop out of supercruise. This guy knew what he was doing and was determined to destroy me. It was no pirate attack and he made it perfectly clear to me.

Anaconda overheat WEB

Fortunately, it didn’t take me too long to extend my lead and eventually being able to jump away, but keeping this Anaconda behind me for even a short time resulted in some heavy damages to my ship.
I’m only a few light years away from the Frog System and hope I’m no longer being followed.

17th February 3301 – 22:54

I’ve been laying low at Kempston Hardwick for a couple of days now. The Cobra MkIII is in a hangar after some heavy repairs and will stay there until I can get my hand on a top of the line Frame Shift Drive. Trick is, such a piece of equipment is going to cost three times the value of the ship itself. Even though Universal Cartographic have transferred a hefty sum in my account for my last trip, the next journey will have to wait for a while.
I also got the opportunity to meet up with Henck, one of the retired miners I met last month. His friend had lost his life while I was away. He was attacked by a pirate ship on a short trade run between here and Rochester. Apparently, his ejection capsule malfunctioned and no search party was dispatched. I could only empathize after the relentless pirates interdictions I suffered on my way back.
We got talking with some men from Frog Commodities about the rising of pirate activity in the System, and their angle on this was that any help was welcome. Now I am no bounty hunter, and I certainly won’t be cleansing the galaxy from all parasites, but I can start cleaning my own backyard… and if I managed to survive without any shield or weapon so far, I believe I should be able to defend myself just enough in my Sidewinder.
I will sleep on the idea tonight.

19th February 3301 – 13:22

The guys from maintenance have done a fantastic job fitting some weaponry and reinforcing my Sidewinder’s hull with a new alloy. The shield generator is holding on just brilliantly too. I have performed several exits since yesterday, patrolling the Frog System and bringing fair reprisal on pirate scum.
The Sidey is performing better than expected, as long as I keep boxing in my own category. The people of Frog Commodities and their local security office are paying well too, so well in fact that greed is getting to me. I’m beginning to understand why the Federation Navy kicked me out of the academy as I’m showing, exactly like I did back then, some very unwise and hot headed initiative.
I don’t know what pushed me to bring this wanted Python out of supercruise but greed and sheer adrenaline…

python01 WEB

I suppose I was only lucky to find its pilot to be more of a burning head than I was. As good and fearsome as the Python may be, I cannot understand why anyone would bring his ship into a fight without any shield…

python02 WEB

python03 WEB

Why this wanted man never attempted to flee while I was struggling to bring his Frame Shift Drive down is a mystery. I am grateful this encounter didn’t turn out to be just a massive waste of ammo in the end. I have learnt a valuable lesson today and will stick with smaller ships in the future.
I’m approaching Kempston Hardwick for docking now, and will call it a day.

kempston hardwick WEB

1st March 3301 – 19:18

A lot as happened this last week.
I have been blasting wanted intruders on behalf of Frog Commodities for the last few days, so much so that I gave up carving crosses on my Sidey’s hull. On my way back from the last exit, I was shocked to discover that my benefactor was no longer in charge of Kempston Hardwick, and the entire Frog System for that matter. The much more authoritarian people from Frog Autocracy had gain control over night. Although it didn’t turn out to be a great surprise to the locals, I was a little uncomfortable requesting docking permission to a no longer allied faction.

kempston reputation WEB

kempston influence WEB

It didn’t take long for these guys to get in touch with me. They said they couldn’t help but notice the work I’d been doing for Frog Commodities and the Frog community in general, that they would happily help to see me continue securing the System alongside their Security Forces.
And by help, they meant making a brand new Core Dynamics Eagle available to me.

crimson eagle WEB

As long as I would bear the cost of the ship’s up keeping, it was mine to dispose of from now on.
If only I had known what was coming, I wouldn’t have spent so much on outfitting my Sidewinder and would have probably focused on my next expedition, still in need of a new Frame Shift Drive for the Cobra MkIII.

Even though nothing seems to be radically different from before around here, I couldn’t help but notice a new breed of traders coming and going, dealing in a very specific commodity…

kempston slaves WEB

I am not too sure how to feel about this.

4th March 3301 – 20:54

Although I was extremely excited to get my hands on the Eagle provided by Frog Autocracy, I quickly understood while giving the old test fly around Kempston Hardwick that despite its incredible maneuverability, this ship was not going to be an improvement as Core Dynamics had done a pretty poor job on its Power Generator and Distribution Systems. On my return inside the station, a Federal Viper pilot told me that even if the Eagle was renown for its overheating issues, it remained a very lethal ship if only I was prepared to invest in a better Power Coupling.
I think I will still keep saving my credits for the Cobra’s Frame Shift Drive and the expedition.
So it was in the Sidewinder’s Cockpit that I carried on securing the immediate area. I was quite surprise to see a wanted freighter pilot trying to make his way to Rasch Dock and did not think twice before intervening…

Type6 interdiction WEB

I think this Lakon Type 6 pilot believed to be victim of a pirate attack as he initially dropped an awful lot of his cargo behind him. I’m sure he had understood his mistake by the time he had to eject. Granted I did not waste any time with useless warnings or any form of discussion since I believe his wanted status and the bounty on his head was enough to justify my action.
Only when I turned around to check the nature of his cargo did I understand how much he valued his life.

Pavonis ear grubs WEB

Would I have let him go knowing what he was bargaining with? Most probably not.
Will I be picking up some of these Pavonis Ear Grubs’ Canisters to get an idea of how much it is worth on the black market? Most probably yes.

9th March 3301 – 17:38

Days go by and the Frog Autocracy are gaining influence at an incredible rate. The only downside to this is that Kempston Hardwick is no longer selling the Frame Shift Drive I was after. I guess it goes in hand with a not so corporate government in charge.
That being said, I have made an obscene amount of money patrolling around the Nav Beacon and I’ll stick around a little while longer, time for me to equip whatever Kempston Hardwick has to offer at the moment for the Cobra MkIII. Only then I will head out through High Tech worlds looking for the Frame Shift Drive.
Since it is now out of question to leave from Pand, I thought of New Yembo as a starting base for my trip. I hear they finished building a brand new station there. Might be worth checking it out as it turn out New Yembo is actually quite remote.


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