1 – Introduction

20th December 3300 – 8:58

My name is Taylor, after my grandfather who passed away this last week. I was born and raised on Dalton Gateway, a Starport orbiting the planet LHS 3447 A5, and where Taylor senior, peace be upon him, was originally from.
According to him, our family was a long line of settlers. Once slaves, we were freed two centuries ago to terraform and call home this now blue planet that I always stared at through Dalton’s glass sky without ever setting foot on it. For thirty six years, that planet has been passing over my head, time and time over, like an invitation to go and discover something new, but the metallic clunks of my footsteps and the occasional and sudden bursts of the pressure valves around Dalton’s working quarters always bring me back to my reality. They keep saying on the tube it’s the busiest place in all of LHS 3447, and around both our stars. Probably why it’s always so busy a work… So my boss keeps telling. My father would rather say that slaves we once were and slaves we are still, only working for Faulcon DeLacy now, troubleshooting an obsolete fuel tank assembly line for a miserable pay.
I didn’t always work there. Younger, I was desperate to join the Federation Navy for some reason. Testosterone outburst due to my younger age, or the exciting tales of the CQC championship every weekends? I couldn’t say… But I did spent a handful of years preparing to be a pilot. At least I got to learn about slightly more complex circuitries than the factory line. They never told me why I couldn’t pursue my dream but it was short after we started to train on combat simulation that my contract was ended… and I was far from being the worst.
The Federation’s academy and their training simulators were until today the closest I’d ever been to leave Dalton’s Gateway.

But here I am now, heading to Trevithick Dock and following the instructions of my grandfather’s will, sitting in the cargo hold of a shady looking yet charitable trader who accepted to take me there for a small sum.

23rd December 3300 – 14:13

I would never have thought my grandfather to be such a secretive man.


A fully operational Sidewinder was waiting for me at Trevithick Dock, assembled from spare parts during his early years. I suppose he too dreamt of leaving Dalton Gateway some day. This is my inheritance it seems, and it would be a shame to just bring it back to Dalton’s.
I understand now why my mother was so sad to see me go and why my father looked so proud. With the frame shift capability, I really cannot see the point of turning back. I think I’ll head outside LHS 3447 and see what else is out there.

5th January 3301 – 13:28

It has been two weeks and I’ve made more credits than my father ever made in a year. I cannot believe where this Sidewinder has brought me so far, only by shifting scraps from one system to another, selling the few discoveries made along the way.
I also made some new friends at Kempston Hardwick in the Frog System, two retired miners I’ve been drinking beers with who were telling me how profitable their trade used to be. It didn’t strike me at the time but I did fly by several mineral and metallic rings on my travels. Now this all is behind them and they would rather spend the rest of their time sharing stories.
The nearby planet Thea reminds me of home, only this place is a lot brighter. I am liking it here and I could stay for a while, far from all this political nonsense…

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